Snuggie Questions

1. Do they make Snuggies for Cats? 

Although there is a Snuggie for Dogs, currently there is not a Cat Snuggie.  But there could be one soon!

2. What about Snuggie for Babies?

At this point there is not a Baby Snuggie, only Snuggie for Kids.

3. What other styles of Snuggies are there?

Limited Edition Snuggadelic Snuggie™ - Get funky and keep warm with the colorful tie dye Snuggie™ blanket.

Limited Edition Camouflage Snuggie™ - This camo-chic Snuggie™ exudes style and warmth.

Snuggie™ Pink blanket  - Limited edition Snuggie for breast cancer and a partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Midnight Black Snuggie™

Passion Purple Snuggie™

4. Are there different sizes of Snuggies?

The Original Snuggie Blanket only comes in one size.  This universal sizing is designed to fit most adults.  The Snuggie for kids is a smaller version to fit children.  However, the Dog Snuggie is available in 4 sizes, which are Extra Small, Small, Medium & Large.

5. What is a SnuggyThe Snuggy is the same as a Snuggie.  Their names are oftentimes interchanged because of misspelling, however, the correct spelling is Snuggie.

6. What is a Slanket?

There has been a lot of talk lately about The Slanket©.  While it may look like a Snuggie, it is actually made of fleece and is heavier than the Snuggie Blanket.  You can read more about it by clicking the following link - Slanket.