NFL Snuggie

Introducing the NFL Snuggie! Now Snuggie Blankets are available in your favorite NFL team! Officially licensed by the NFL, these Sport Snuggies are a must for all football fans!

Sports Snuggie NFL 
The NFL Snuggie doesn’t slip and slide like a regular blanket does, it keeps you totally warm from head to toe and gives you freedom to use your hands. You can read, use a laptop, eat, or most importantly, watch your favorite NFL team on television!  Show that you're a REAL fan by wearing your NFL Snuggie to football games!


• Oversized Sleeves!

• Hands Free!

• Super Large!

• Machine Washable!

• Perfect For Outdoor Events!

• Perfect for College Students!

• Makes a Great Gift!

• Available in all NFL football teams!


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