Snuggie© - The Blanket with Sleeves!

Welcome to The Snuggie Shop - the official store for The Snuggie™ Blanket!  Regular blankets are OK, but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside.  The Snuggie™ Blanket, or Snuggy, keeps you totally warm and gives you the freedom to use your hands.  Work the remote, use your laptop or do some reading in total warmth and comfort!  The Snuggie™ Blanket is made with super soft, thick, luxurious fleece with roomy, oversized sleeves that let you do what you want while still being totally wrapped in warmth!

Besides a place to buy Snuggies, The Snuggie Shop has everything you could ever want to know about them: Frequently Asked Snuggie Questions, The History of the Snuggie Blanket, Snuggie Videos, Snuggie Commercials and Weezer Snuggie.

Our styles of Snuggies©

The Snuggie Shop carries many styles of the famous Snuggie Blankets, including Classic Snuggie, Designer Snuggie, Custom SnuggieSports Snuggie, NFL Snuggie, College Snuggie, Snuggie for Dogs, Snuggie for Kids and the original Snuggie in NEW colors

COMING SOON: Snuggadelic Snuggie™, Camouflage Snuggie™, Pink Snuggie™ for Breast Cancer and New Snuggie Colors: Midnight Black Snuggie & Passion Purple Snuggie!

In addition to our Snuggies, we also feature over 1500 of your favorite As Seen On TV products!  Check out all of the famous Infomercial brands, such as Showtime Rotissirie, Igia, Ronco, Tap Light, Ginzu, Pro Active and many more.  We're your one stop Health, Beauty and Convenience Super Mall!

Classic Snuggie
The one that started it all!  Snuggie keeps you warm when you're feeling chilled, without raising your heating bill. Snuggie is the Blanket with Sleeves, keeping you totally warm and keeping your hands free for working the TV remote, reading or using your laptop computer. The luxurious super-soft fleece Snuggie blanket is one-size fits all and makes a great gift. Share the warmth of Snuggie!

Designer Snuggie
Everyone loves the original Snuggie — the Blanket with Sleeves. Now you can get the new Snuggie Designer Series in fashion prints — zebra, camel and leopard. Stay totally warm while keeping your hands free to work the remote, use your laptop or read. When you're not wearing your Designer Snuggie, it makes a stylish throw!

Custom Snuggie
Now you can customize your Snuggie™ with print.  Great for promotional handouts, corporate gifts, schools, charity events and more.  You can shop our store for pre-printed Snuggie™ blankets!

College Snuggie
The Collegiate Snuggie is the Blanket with Sleeves emblazoned with logos and graphics of your favorite college team. 52 college schools available!

Snuggie for Dogs
Now there's a Snuggie blanket made just for dogs — Snuggie for Dogs! It's the Blanket with Sleeves, now for your pet. Just like the Snuggie you love, Snuggie Dog is made of ultra-soft fleece, to keep your pet totally warm when out in the chilly air. With Snuggie for Dogs, pets can stay warm and comfy indoors too, when they cuddle with you. Plus, get a free Recordable Dog Tag with your order!

Snuggie for Kids
It's Snuggie for Kids! The Snuggie, the Blanket with Sleeves, now in a size made just for kids. Kids can stay warm while doing what they like to do. With Snuggie for Kids, chill out without the chill. Perfect for watching TV, playing video games or staying warm while studying. Like all Snuggies, Kids Snuggie is made from ultra-warm, super-soft, luxurious fleece. Plus. Get a set of matching slipper socks with every order!

As Seen On TV
Over 1500 of the finest As Seen On TV© products!  You've seen them on the infomercials, now check ALL of them out here in one place!

Sports Snuggie
The all new Sports Snuggie® blanket has arrived! Now you can get the famous blanket with sleeves with a custom print graphic from your favorite College Team! Or you can get the new NFL Snuggie blanket which folds into a pillow!

NFL Snuggie
The NFL Snuggie is available in your favorite NFL team! Officially licensed by the NFL, these Sport Snuggies are a must for all football fans!

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